Whatever the space, size or style of the room you’re looking to upgrade, the installation of a Velux window is the icing on the cake.

Adding a Velux roof window (or two) to your home unlocks many perks. It floods rooms with light and improves ventilation to make you happier and healthier. Velux windows introduce natural light into dull rooms to brighten up your interior and make your home more attractive too.

If you’ve just had Velux windows installed in your space, you’ll want to invest in Velux blinds. Here’s why…


Make your space versatile

Velux roof windows are well known for their versatility, and the addition of a window blind only enhances this. With Velux blinds, you can control natural light better and use your space exactly how you want to.


Get the look with stylish blinds

After spending time and money transforming your space, don’t fall at the final hurdle. Invest in a Velux blind that complements your wider colour scheme and theme to ensure you finish with a super stylish flourish.


Create a haven in your home

If your new or improved space is designated to be a bedroom, living room, or bathroom, your Velux blind will help you to fulfil its purpose in the most beautiful way.

Blackout Velux blinds can be used to keep light out when you don’t want a bright space so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, a cinema style experience in your living area, or a candlelit bath, even in the middle of the day!

For other spaces, such as kitchens, moisture resistant and anti-heat Velux blind designs will certainly come in handy.


A convenient way to control light

The latest Velux blinds use technology to their advantage. You can control the operation of your blinds electronically to ensure optimum functionality and ultimate convenience.


Explore endless design possibilities

With Velux roof windows far from standard, you may be expecting your Velux blind options to be rather limited. Contrary to popular belief however, there are an array of specialist Velux blinds and shutters to choose from to finish your space to perfection.

Blackout roller Velux blinds are great options for bedrooms. Whilst duo blackout blinds work wonders in both bedrooms and living rooms, providing a two-in-one design that ensures blackout or light dimming. Velux roller blinds are also available in privacy-enhancing translucent and energy saving pleated designs.

You’ll find Velux blinds in multiple designs including moisture resistant Venetian blinds (which are great for bathrooms and kitchens), anti-heat blinds (which protect from heat and daylight), blackout shutters, and blinds specifically made for flat roof Velux windows.

Experience the perks of Velux blinds for yourself by using our search tool to find a local Velux blind supplier and installer today.


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